Best Upwork Alternatives

If you are looking for the best Upwork alternatives. You have come to the right place.

It is no secret that even great companies have their own set of imperfections. Not even Upwork is an exemption to this.

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I myself is a 9-year veteran in Upwork. So I have seen my fair share of problems with the company.

I am going to write another article highlighting the flaws the company currently had.

But for the meantime. Let’s have a look at their alternatives.

Here are the best Upwork alternatives.

1. Freelancer has the largest number of freelancers and buyers combined now already reaching the 29 million mark.

When it comes to what has to offer it is also very similar to Upwork.

  1. Buyers can post jobs.
  2. Buyers can invite a freelancer directly to a job.
  3. Freelancers can apply to a job.
  4. They also have a time tracker.
  5. There are also fixed price jobs.
  6. They got a lot of work areas to choose from.
  7. Built-in chat system.
  8. Secure payment system.

Another similarity is that also got paid memberships for both the freelancers and buyers.

The only issue I see in is since the marketplace is so big. It may take awhile until you get suggested to a buyer to be invited.

I myself got multiple invites in Upwork in a weekly basis but I rarely get one in the platform.

2. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour could easily take the #1 spot on this list. If only its marketplace members count is not being dwarfed by the platform.

But that honestly is a good thing for buyers of this site compared to or even Upwork.

Basically the screening process on this site for approving freelancers is so meticulous.

This is to ensure that the buyers would only get the best freelancers for their needs. Thus the lower marketplace volume of freelancers.

Similarities to Upwork are:

  1. Buyers can post free job posting.
  2. Buyers can invite freelancers to a job.
  3. Freelancers can apply to a job.
  4. Freelancer can be invited to a job.
  5. Secure payment protection by requiring a deposit from buyers.
  6. Fixed price jobs.
  7. Rating system for freelancers.

The one main difference is that PeoplePerHour also offers a Local Freelance Directory.

This allows buyers to hire a local if they are more comfortable hiring someone near them.

3. Outsourcely

Outsourcely functions a bit differently from the other platforms mentioned in this list.

Basically in Outsourcely, they allow the buyer to find a freelancer in their website. Then the buyer can contact and hire them directly.

Without a need for Outsourcely to be involved or act as a middle man.

If a buyer do this in any of the platform mentioned above. There is high chance of the buyer and the freelancer getting suspended.

This feature opens a lot of opportunities for the freelancers and buyers though.

For instance, since buyers can hire a freelancer directly. This means the buyer do not need to pay commission fee or hiring fee.

As for the freelancer, this means they can keep all their income to themselves.

Some key features of Outsourcely:

  1. Buyers can post job opening.
  2. Buyers can invite freelancer to a job opening.
  3. Freelancers can apply to job opening.
  4. Freelancers can accept invitations.
  5. Built-in chat or video call system
  6. Voice & video messaging through their system.

They also offer a service called Outsourcely Team Workplace which basically allows buyers to manage their remote team with ease.

4. Hubstaff Talent

For all the platform in this list. Hubstaff Talent is the one that I can see a lot of potential to get into an Upwork level.

Right now this site is completely free so I am expecting a massive increase in registrations as soon as the site reaches the mainstream level.

Next is that they already got a world class time tracking software at hand. As well as a top of the line team management system.

They just need to integrate both into their Hubstaff Talent system as means to secure payment compensation for freelancers.

This site also offers a lot of work areas to join or search from. Similar to Upwork but without fees.


I am in no way stopping freelancers from joining Upwork.

This is just an alternative if you are currently not being accepted to Upwork. Or you are having issues with them.

There are more freelancer websites out there but most of them are focused in one work area.

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