iPad Pro 2018 Review

The iPad Pro 2018 is unlike any iPad we have ever seen before.

Apple changed a lot of stuff in the new iPad Pro 2018 it doesn’t even look like the iPad anymore.

It also looks closer to a square design now compared to the old iPad which looks more like a rectangular design.

It will also come with two sizes namely an 11-inch screen display or a 12.9-inch screen display.

Here is my iPad Pro 2018 Review.

1. What’s New

The iPad Pro 2018 has a super thin profile. I mean it is only 5.9mm thick now. This makes it the thinnest iPad ever made.

It also now boasts much thinner bezels with perfectly rounded corners.

This makes the screen-to-body ratio of the iPad Pro 11-inch screen at 82.9%.

While the iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen has a screen-to-body ratio of 85.4%.

They also removed the home button as you can use Face ID to unlock your iPad this time around.

Apple also designed it so it works at any orientation you use your iPad. There is no particular angle that you are required to put your iPad in order to make the Face ID to work.

This makes the Face ID the most secure and seamless way to unlock your iPad.

The iPad Pro 2018 also surprisingly now has a USB-C port. This means that you can now connect your iPad to an external display monitor or even connect it to your camera and smartphone.

It opens a lot of windows in terms of where you can connect your iPad and it even allows you to charge other devices through the USB-C port.

Lastly, since it has flat edges similar to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. You can make the new iPad Pro 2018 stand on its own without a need for it to lean on anything.

2. Display

The iPad Pro 2018 boasts a liquid retina display which is super smooth to look at and feels super responsive as well.

Apple claims that their liquid retina display technology is the most advanced display technology in the market right now.

The iPad Pro 2018 also boasts a 120hz refresh rate which makes the screen display and animations looks silky smooth.

3. Chipset

Apple uses the most powerful and smartest chipset namely A12X Bionic integrated with the Apple Neural Engine.

This brand new 7nm chipset gives iPad Pro an 8-Core CPU and 7-Core GPU.

This makes Photoshop editing, browsing the web, gaming, doing drag-and-drop actions and navigating through the iPad Pro 2018 feels like super smooth and responsive.

Apple has always been known for their powerful chipsets and the new A12X Bionic is a huge upgrade from their previous iPad chipset.

They even claim that these new chipset is more powerful than 92% of portable PCs currently on the market.

4. Camera

The main camera of the iPad Pro 2018 is 12 MP camera with f/1.8 aperture integrated with phase detect auto focus technology.

If also features Quad-LED dual-tone flash and HDR.

The selfie camera is 7 MP camera with f/2.2 aperture.

This camera features face detection, HDR and a panorama functionality.

5. Accessories

The new iPad Pro 2018 also includes the Apple Pencil that can be magnetically attached to its edges through magnets.

Apple says that there are 102 magnets placed strategically all over the iPad Pro 2018.

This allows all the iPad Pro 2018 accessories, like the Apple Smart Keyboard or Apple Pencil, to attached seamlessly to the iPad.

Just attaching your Apple Pencil at the edge of the iPad Pro 2018 also charges it automatically.

One slightly annoying thing about the camera. Is that the main camera gave the backend of the iPad Pro 2018 a slight bump on where the camera is located.

This means that the backend of the iPad Pro 2018 is not fully flat.

6. Goodbye Headphone Jack

Unfortunately, the iPad Pro 2018 also now removed the headphone jack.

This seems like to be the ongoing trend now. The OnePlus 6T also removes the headphone jack on my previous review and so does the new iPad Pro 2018.

This doesn’t bother me as much. But I am pretty sure that there are content creators out there who use iPad exclusively with headphones that will be bothered by this.

7. Specifications

The iPad Pro 2018 starts at 64GB of storage and can be upgraded up to a 1TB of storage if you want to.

The storage options specifically are 64GB, 256GB. 512GB and 1TB.

In this kind of device I highly suggest going 256GB and up since any media you save in this device would surely take so much space.

The 11-inch screen display iPad Pro 2018 has a 1668 x 2388 pixels with 265 ppi density.

While the 12.9-inch screen display iPad Pro 2018 has a 2048 x 2732 pixels, 4:3 ratio with 265 ppi density.

8. Price

The 11-inch screen display iPad Pro 2018 starts at $799 which has 64GB of storage.

While the 12.9-inch screen display iPad Pro 2018 starts at $999 which also has 64GB of storage.

Both has a Silver and Space Gray finish for you to choose from and both has upgradable storage.


In summary, the new iPad Pro 2018 offers a very huge upgrade from the previous iPad.

It is now more powerful than ever, more capable and more versatile than its older siblings.

It is a highly recommended buy as it is now gearing towards the portable PC kind of a device. Not just purely tablet which is an open change.

With the accessories like the Apple Keyboard and Apple Pencil. You can literally call it a portable PC now and a very powerful one at that sense.

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